Play more!

I have a few kids that live in me and they argue rather frequently. One is "I want to go play with my friends because I'm really gregarious." Let's call her Petunia Play. Another is "I want to be productive and stay focused on my work." I'll call her Wanda Work.

Sometimes when I'm settling an argument between them, I have to decide who is going to get the "yes, and" from me and be the focus of my time and energy. On Friday, I had a lot of work to do, so Wanda Work was giving me an earful about going out to play for so much of the weekend instead of staying focused on getting things like this email done.

What I remembered, as I gave Petunia Play the yes, was that I was really
"yes-anding" Wanda Work as much as Petunia Play in that moment.

You see, when we adopt a policy of saying yes to more play, we feed our working selves the nourishment that business environments are usually lacking. More play, laughter, and creativity winning out over excessive diligence to the grindstone is supremely healthy, necessary, and actually increases the bottom line. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a foster parent, or another wonderful worker bringing your gifts to a world that needs you, you will get so much more out of your work if you start to YES more PLAY. I guarantee this is true or you have my permission to throw mimed invisible pointy Improv objects at me.                -Jenny 

This week, go fit in a few more minutes of play, okay? Pop us back a love note and tell us how you're going to get your play on this week. We'd love to hear from you. 

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