Addiction, Confession - What is it for you?

I’m an addict.
And it’s your fault.
Driving home from a recent ConnectAnd event, I noticed that a great night’s teaching and learning is really a high. For the teacher and the student, there is a thrill in uncovering and embracing an “a-ha.” Together we feel empowered by the moments when, not only were we fully and extremely present to one another, but we were witnessed and celebrated by those in the room.  The shared experience is one of discovery, and yep, I’m addicted to it.

This addiction is rooted in curiosity, and when we see the pattern, we can leverage it.

Curiosity leads us to acts of discovery, which then yields connection.

That’s why it’s your fault, by the way. If you were bland and boring you would not provoke my nearly constant state of curiosity.  We would not be discovering together. What I want to know from you is:

  • What is your constant state?
  • What does it lead you to do?
  • What results does that yield?
  • What, my friend, is your addiction?