How to not get mired in the boggy bog

There we were, hearts pounding back stage in the blackness of the wings, our view of the audience dim in the darkened house lights. We were all wound up, waiting for the big show. The curtain swept back with a soft ruffle, the stage lights came up, we took our places on stage aaaand

Whoosh! We blinked and the show was over!

Sound familiar? Of course! We do this in business all the time, don’t we? We get all excited about a project, idea, or plan, then get pulled into the time-sucking vortex of to-do’s and other involvements, and next thing you know…WHOOSH! You blinked and first quarter is over!

Time flies, take a breath and get some perspective

Time flies, take a breath and get some perspective

The end of a quarter signals that it’s time to take a breath. In improvisation, we call this “resting the game.” In a show, the performers pursue the funny thing that’s happening - they “play the game.” The players will then pause in their pursuit of that funny thing, shifting to explore something else – resting the game. After a bit they then pick up the original funny thing later in the show. If they fail to rest the game, they can get mired in the scene, losing their perspective, and making desperate moves that are decidedly unfunny and lose the audience. The advantage of resting the game is that they develop other parts of the story or characters, then come back to the game with fresh perspective, bringing new, interesting, funny elements to it that pull the scene forward and make the show more powerful and engaging for the audience

The business equivalent of playing the game is pursuing the endless tasks and processes, the short term stuff, that can eat up your time. It’s critical that you rest that game, step back from it, and get some fresh perspective so you bring new elements to the scene you are creating in your business. It's too easy to get mired and lose sight of key elements that support your business growth long term. Important considerations to reflect on include:

  • Where do our interactions with our customers or the public need improvement?
  • How well is my team functioning together? What are the conflicts or communication breakdowns?
  • What is it costing us to not address these challenges?

Give yourself the gift of resting the game and getting some fresh perspective. ConnectAnd's Business Improv programs can help you and your group get and stay focused and fresh on what matters most for your business health. Give us a call today!