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Get ready for your audience to do this!

Uncover your brilliance and shine! Whether your audience is 1 or 1,000, you'll leave these classes with confidence and communication ease you never knew you could have. We will work with you to develop your Genuine Speaker's Voice® and mastery of speaking and connecting with an audience.  All sessions will be taught using The Bolder Company's unique, irreverent mix of experiential Improv learning, individual coaching, and group feedback. Class size is limited to 10 people to guarantee lots of personal attention, practice, and unparalled feelings of safety and support. 

Four session class gets you started with these rich topics:

Be Your Real Self, Already! Ever feel held back in your speaking, like you want to show more of your passion about your topic but you're not sure it's okay? Liberate yourself from the rules you're supposed to follow so you can be your real self in front of an audience. Gesture, say "um," get over your PowerPoint and just relate to the audience. They'll love you for it. Bonus: This will help you amp up your personal brand to help you target your marketing efforts!

Listen Like A Wolf The best speakers are intense listeners! Listening shows you what to say next to hold someone's attention and interest. Learn the secrets to superior listening and being in the moment. Become a magnet for truly engaged conversations that touch, move, and inspire your audience to action.

Oh The Stories You'll Tell Telling a captivating story that resonates for the audience is a learned skill. Drawing out and structuring your stories to illustrate key points is the most powerful tool you'll acquire to become an engaging speaker. Mine your experience for the stories that will give your audience that "ah-ha!" you're dying for them to experience.

Plan To Be Spontaneous (say what?) Audiences relate better to speakers who are nimble and take them on a journey. Know your content cold so that you can interact with ease and turn change to your advantage. Develop more confidence to be in the moment and give your audience what it needs to hear. Bonus: this will help you become courageous and shine even when everything about the gig goes sideways!



Five session class catapults you to rock star status 

Building on the skills developed during Perfect Your Style 1, this course will expand your power and magic as a speaker and develop a deep well of confidence. You will present in every session and receive positive, immediately applicable feedback to build upon so you can experiment with content, expand your repertoire, and develop your brand.

Into The Body You've got a body, let's get you using it when you speak! Stance, gesturing, and easy stage movement are essential to your delivery. Develop best use of your natural tendencies and capitalize on your personal expressiveness. 

Get Present, Open & Flexible Breathing, comfort with your own voice, projection, and eye contact are key ingredients for confidence and energy when presenting. Step up to your expert status and let it show.

Stories That Rivet Dive deeply into building out your stories, filling in the details, strategic moves for telling and extracting points and lessons. Mine your experience for the stories that will give your audience that ah-ha, inspiration, or laughter you're dying for them to experience.

Look Like A Genius Distractions abound in many speaking situations. Whether you're running a meeting or presenting at a conference, learn to adapt with ease to anything around you. Pull examples from your environment to enhance your talk and bring your audience along for the joyride.

Showcase! Perfect Your Style 2 has a fifth session - a showcase for you to share your wonderful self with friends and family. 

Features of the program:

  • Videotaping of before and after presentations for each participant (beginning and end of PYS1 & PYS2)
  • Group work in a highly supportive environment (with snacks!)
  • Individualized coaching and lots of personal attention (and hugs if you want 'em since they're totally free!)
  • Opportunities to be very silly, very sincere, and highly impactful
  • Informal networking at Chuck's after every session - we're on a mission to build a tribe of keep it real, engaging speakers and eliminate officious, boring behavior from the podium